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A23D: a 3D-printed letterpress font
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Documenting the setting and printing of gift cards for Hannah Martin London. Photography by Joss McKinley.
L etterpress is a traditional form of relief printing using wood and metal type blocks.
The invention of the printing press and movable type were defining moments in mankind's history, facilitating the information revolution of their day. As with all hand-crafted processes, the skill and time involved in letterpress is considerable, but this is rewarded by beautifully tactile outcomes and a quality which is unobtainable through modern printing methods.

New North Press has a substantial library of type, both wooden and metal, which we set by hand and print on Albion presses. The components and techniques of this method of printing have remained almost unchanged over the centuries so we are very proud to be able to keep this beautiful process alive.

We run workshops, take commissions and produce our own editions for sale.